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Juvenal remarks with disapproval that his friends often attended such ceremonies.

The emperor Nero had two marriages to men, once as the bride (with a freedman Pythagoras) and once as the groom.

Later when Japanese society became pacified, the middle classes adopted many of the practices of the warrior class.

Anthropologists Stephen Murray and Will Roscoe reported that women in Lesotho engaged in socially sanctioned "long term, erotic relationships" called motsoalle.

This article is about current LGBT rights around the world.

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"Homosexual" and "heterosexual" were thus not categories of Roman sexuality, and no words exist in Latin that would precisely translate these concepts.The younger partner in a pederastic relationship often was expected to make the first move; the opposite was true in ancient Greece.In religious circles, same-sex love spread to the warrior (samurai) class, where it was customary for a boy in the wakashū age category to undergo training in the martial arts by apprenticing to a more experienced adult man.For intersex rights, see Intersex rights by country and Intersex human rights.Laws affecting lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people vary greatly by country or territory—everything from legal recognition of same-sex marriage or other types of partnerships, to the death penalty as punishment for same-sex romantic/sexual activity or identity.

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