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I stood stunned, my voice coming in guttural starts and stops, no words forming. I gripped my cock impulsively through the fabric of my shorts.

Elli turned to watch me, running her hands through her hair.

Might as well write for a little bit now that I'm up, I thought. My long legs carried me to the center of the room in a stride, and before I had caught sight of the girl, I was almost on top of her. She sat naked on the dingy rug, her back against the bed, legs splayed wide in front of her, head back, eyes shut tight, as a hand moved furiously back and forth between her thighs. And here I'd come to rescue her like an otherworldly dunce. um—" She brushed a strand of matted, sweat-soaked hair away from her face. I marveled at the grace of her movements, her sudden confidence and smoothness. She turned the shower knob on the wall, and the nozzle above her sprung to life.

As I stepped up onto the porch, a sound from inside made me pause in midstep. But my pretty brunette roommate, I now saw, was not actually hurt. I stood glued to the floor as my helpless eyes devoured the sight of the exposed girl in the throes of pleasure on the floor in front of me. Suddenly she bolted up with a scream, diving backward onto the bed and flinging the comforter around her body for cover. I watched her naked body poised beneath the cascading jets, and I was now acutely aware of something else that had also sprung to life.

She was clearly aware that it would be a difficult space to share.

"I don't have much money, but I would like to afford something bigger at some point soon." I watched her pretty freckled face as she talked, realizing suddenly that, against my first instincts, I might actually enjoy sharing a tight space with this alluring girl.

But hearing the earnestness in her voice made me start to reconsider.

After all, I had made up my mind to leave myself open to new experiences and encounters, and as I pondered the idea, there seemed no better way to kick off the trip than to make room for serendipity. Stepping inside behind Elli, I grew slightly more worried. Vacation houses in the German countryside were not like vacation houses in America. A row of kitchen cabinets, a stove and a sink lined one wall, and, to my horror, a toilet sat exposed in the corner, with a detachable shower head hanging a couple of feet away above a small patch of tile that sloped down to a drain cut into the floor.

Her small romper clung tightly to her frame, and I could tell she had a trim, attractive figure underneath it. It's beautiful weather, I brought a travel hammock, and those two trees out front look like the perfect spot to hang it. " She seemed to gain some resolve as she surveyed the space. Jet lag hit hard, and I spent the bulk of the afternoon fast asleep in the hammock. Without thinking, I placed my hand on her back to reassure her, completely forgetting that she had no clothes on. I placed my hand in my lap and looked away from her at the wall. Then, without saying anything, Elli reached up to her chest and slid the comforter down, exposing two of the most perfect creamy breasts I had ever seen. Still silent, she rose from the bed, discarding the comforter entirely as she stepped down onto the floor.A single twin-size bed graced the corner opposite the door."I know it's not much," Elli started, her voice hesitant."It's fine, Elli, really." I registered the worry in her eyes and stepped toward her, taking her hand gently."I'm good at sharing." I gave her a warm smile, and she softened. "I guess I'm just nervous, I don't want you to think me a bad host." I had just met her, but Elli was already having an effect on me. I—" She threw her hands over her face, her pale skin now burning bright red. She took a deep breath and seemed to collect herself for a second. "You must think I'm a total slut," she said, glancing down at the blanket.

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