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Apart from the difference between piston engined aeroplanes and jets or rocket propelled aeroplanes which, apart form the perceivable difference in performance, presents itself through the aforementioned effects related to behavior of aeroplanes in flight, the simmer who picks a piston engined aeroplane gets an opportunity to control the propeller pitch and see how the air speed and engine RPM are influenced by it's change, shift the compressor gear, adjust the fuel mixture to the current flight conditions and reach the conclusion that the throttle isn't the only instrument of influencing the speed of an aeroplane in flight unless the aeroplane comes equipped with the Komandogerrat device.

Off course, things will also be a little simpler if the chosen aeroplane comes equipped with a constant speed prop and a governor, a device meant to keep the engine RPM constant most of the time, but on the other hand, so as to keep things from being only simplified and embellished, some modeled engines are carbureted and will cut out at negative G loads.

Atmospheric conditions modeling doesn't boil down to just graphical display and, as one would expect of a serious flight simulator, interaction between the atmosphere model and the flight model exists, which means that flying through a turbulent layer of atmosphere, strong wind as well as local atmospheric conditions in general influence flying characteristics of the simulated aero plane.

Atmospheric conditions, however, will not change with the flow of time over the course of a single simulation, which means that this atmospheric model can't be considered dynamic.

The IL- 2 simulator, as soon as it was published, had separate AI algorythms designed to mimic individual flying styles of famous WWII aces and, as a consequence, one could find oneself shot down by a digital version of a famous ace over the course of a dynamic campaign.

Those wishing to prepare themselves for such an event may do so by selecting the apropriate ace as the opponent while creating a "Quick mission", selectable as an option from the main menu which also provides for selecting the number of AI aeroplanes as well as their types for both own and the opposing side, skill level of AI pilots, starting conditions of the engagement, atmospheric conditions and jumping into the cockpit immediately.

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Although the shifting of Center of Gravity as the fuel is consumed or as the payload is detached from the aero plane isn't modeled, this flight model was praised by some virtual pilots who happen to be real life pilots as well, first and foremost for it's spin modeling.

By selecting the "Pilot career" option and configuring additional details one can start the dynamic campaign which puts the simmer into the role of a pilot of one of WWII period air forces.

This dynamic campaign doesn't allow for the outcome of the war, or even a more significant battle for that matter, to be reversed which means that major events will unfold as they did historically, but it is possible to get an impression of what flying during the more significant battles was like and perceive how success or failure in mission completion influences the local development of the situation.

under the name of IL- 2 Sturmovik and has, over the course of years, through a number of patches and add on packs published for it by Oleg's team as well as by a group named Team Daidalos which continued developing this simulator after Oleg and team moved on to other projects, evolved into a title which presents the user with a considerable number of flyable aeroplanes, perhaps it would not be an exaggeration to state all significant aeroplanes of WWII era as well as some less significant ones, an advanced flight model, all significant theatres of operations, a dynamic campaign, custom built scripted campaigns, single missions and a mission builder all on a single DVD.

As if all this wasn't enough, mods which can be installed on top of the IL- 2 Sturmovik: 1946 simulator bring a map of Britain, fighter aeroplanes such as Spitfire marks I, II, XII and XIV, Hawker Typhoon, FW- 190 A3, Bf- 109 E3 and others, a map of Korea and models of F- 86 and Mi G- 15 jet fighters, and there's also a mod called Jet Era which provides for flying third generation jet fighters like the Mi G- 21, F- 4 Phantom, F- 8 Crusader and a few others.

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