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The thing to remember about half-life is that it is a probability.In the example above, 500 atoms are "expected" to decay. It is just what will happen on average over the course of billions and billions of atoms.Known as the Silver Surfer, he was initially sent to Earth as the herald of a cosmic entity with too much hunger (like, consuming planets), but he rebelled against him and managed to save the Earth.

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His father wanted him to be educated and not follow the ways of the street that Matt was surrounded by living in a neighborhood that was known for crime.Which one of these was a secretary in New York City, but was also a crime fighter that wore a black mask, a long red dress, and high heels?This woman had no superpowers, but was a comic book heroine in the Golden Age. There are three main types of radiation or radioactive decay depending on the isotope. When isotopes are unstable they emit energy in the form of radiation.

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