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As Christiania is a Freetown, many outside laws do not apply, such as smoking in public places, and the infamous cannabis trade that thrives on Pusher Street.Christiania has its own currency, Løn, however Danish kroner is still accepted.The Danish Museum of Art & Design is a museum in Copenhagen for Danish and international design and crafts.Housed in an old 17th century hospital, the museum features a large permanent collection of applied arts and crafts ranging from European and Asian textiles to Chinese ceramics, colonial furniture and 20 century design.As well as housing an extensive collection of books it also hosts concerts, performances and exhibitions.

The views from the top are undoubtedly some of the best in Copenhagen, allowing a fantastic 360 degree panorama of the city.Prepare yourself for crowds though, as this area tends to be extremely busy during the summer months, especially on the bridge and towards the top as this provides the prettiest photographic opportunity.Tivoli Gardens is a famous amusement park and garden situated in the very heart of Copenhagen’s city centre.We visited again in the evening which felt particularly magical.We were greeted by a fabulous brass band on the stage, watched as lovers and friends paraded arm in arm together, people sat drinking wine by the lakeside, and the smell of fresh Danish pastries filled in the air.

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    That is the term from which the pre-1919 Slovak (Prešporok) and Czech (Prešpurk) names are derived.

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    It is thought to belong to Khentkaus III, the wife of Pharaoh Neferefre who ruled 4,500 years ago.

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