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An ABC sitcom about two working-class parents raising three children in small-town Indiana. Frankie Heck (Patricia Heaton) and her husband Mike (Neil Flynn) live in the Midwestern town of Orson, Indiana.

Frankie was a saleswoman at "Ehlert Motors" (where she had the lowest sale record) and Mike is the manager at the local quarry.

That's just code for wanting a hot guy but not dare say it Tons of women from 30-40 looking for a prince it's beyond silly.

If you're 38 then you not going to find a hot guy when your past your best are you?

How is it possible to be on pof that long and not find a decent man??? Alot of them don't have photos, have photos kissing their pets or photos I'd class as inappropriate for a open source 'dating' site.

They seem to think they are alot hotter than they are.

I guess behind the laptop they avoid reality and dream they're some hot diva Also beware the fake headlines "are there any genuine guys left".

Bottom line is both sites are good and if you can afford to join two, you could do worse than those.

And if you get a chance with a nice person grab it with both hands.

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