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Instead of paths, the player has to choose which group of fighters that he/she wants to fight.

As many as seven opponents may be fought in a single stage.

Events are arranged in a grid, however, and the path forward reveals itself when the player completes a given event. The Wii U version's Classic Mode operates in a different manner from that of the 3DS version.

Players can also receive various rewards such as trophies, gold, and Special Orders passes by completing challenges. It still maintains the intensity system in the 3DS version; players can spend gold to increase the intensity level, and if the player gets a Game Over, some of his/her rewards will be lost, and the intensity will lower by .5, unless the intensity level is set at 2.0.

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The player can choose between a small, normal-sized, and big board to play on..Players may also obtain items that can be used to trigger various effects, and random events may also occur on the board.Checkpoints are also scattered around the board which boost players' stats when they pass over them.Players can send customized fighters from one version to the other.Players can customize fighter's special attacks with one of three variations for each.

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