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Many royal ladies of the New Kingdom were associated with this office, at least nominally, including Queens Hatshepsut, Tiye and Nefertari.Duties of the God’s Wife were essentially religious, associated with musical ceremonies and titles such as ‘Chantress of the Abode of Amun’, and often with fertility connotations.

Officials hope the find can help the suffering tourism industry.It is thought to belong to Khentkaus III, the wife of Pharaoh Neferefre who ruled 4,500 years ago.() Egyptian authorities have given credence to a theory that Nefertiti's tomb lay behind a wall in Tutankhamun's burial chamber, by vowing to investigate. At least this was away from the more crowded areas of the temples, which became more deserted as I walked past the open air museum on the path towards the Temple of Ptah. Egypt uk, XXIII, XXIV, XXV, XXV Dynasty, XXVI, XXVI Dynasty with tags Abode of Amun, Adoratrice, Ahmose, Ahmose Nefertari, Akaluka, Akhamenerau, Amen, Amenardis, Amenirdis, Amenirdis the Elder, Amon, Amonardis, Amonirdis, Amoun, Amun, Amunardis, Amunirdis, Ancient Egypt, Ankh, Ankhnesneferibre, Apries, Atum, Black Pharaohs, cartouche, ceremonies, Chantress, Chantress of Amun, Chief Priestess, Co-Regent, consort, Coronation Name, creation myth, De Ese Hebsed, Divine Adoratice of Amun, Divine Adoratrice, Divine Votaress, Divine Wife, Dynastic, Dynasty, Egypt, Egyptian, Egyptian History, Egyptian Queen, Egyptologists, Egyptology, falcon tail feathers, False Door, First Prophet, Flagellum, God, Goddess, Gods Hand, Gods Wife, Gods Wife of Amun, Great Royal Wife, Harwa, Hatshepsut, Heka Djet, Henuttawy, High Priest of Amun, Inner Abode of Amun, Ished Trees, Karnak, Karnak Temple, Kashta, Khonsu, King Kashta, Kush, Kushite, Late Period, Lord of Life, Maat, Maatkare, Medinet Habu, Memphis, Menat, Middle Kingdom, Min, Montuemhet, Museum, Mut, Napata, Nasalsa, Neb Ankh, Necho, New Kingdom, Nitocris, Nitoqret, Nubian, Nubian King, Nubian Queens, Oracle, Osiris, Osorkon, Peshuper, Pharaoh, Pharaohs, Piankhi, Pie, Pinudjem, Piye, Prenomen, Priest, Princess of Nubia, Psammetichus, Psammetik, Psamtek, Psamtik, Ptah, Ptolemaic Temple, Pye, Queen Amenirdis, Queen Amunirdis, Queen of Egypt, Queen Pebatma, religious ceremonies, royal ladies, Royal Uraeus, Ruler of Eternity, Saite, Saite Dynasty, Scribe, Shabaka, Shabaka Neferkare, Shabaka Stone, Shabaqo, Shabitko, Shebitku, Shepenupet, Shepenwepet, Sheshonq, Shrine, shwty plumes, Sistrum, Sole wife of the God, Taharqa, Taharqo, Takelot, Tanis, Tantamani, Temple of Amun, Temple of Khonsu, Temple of Ptah, Thebes, Third Intermediate Period, Tiye and Nefertari, Twenty Fifth Dynasty, Upper Egypt, Uraeus, vulture headdress, Wahibre, Amunirdis.net“I had recently become very interested in the religious role of ‘God’s Wife of Amun’ so I set off for the northern part of Karnak to investigate their shrines.

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