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This time when the lights came on they said the codes indicated that the computer controlling the battery needed to be replaced and most likely the hybrid battery as well.The full cost of the replacing the computer and hybrid battery is 00!!!I wonder what is going to happen as all the Prius' now on the road start to approach the useful life of their battery?I couldn't in good conscious sell the car to another person and stick them w/ the repair (though that Master Warning Light might give it away! I doubt a dealership would give me much on it as a trade-in if I confessed to the fact that the battery was about to die.I think I was bracing myself for a 00 repair not a 00 one.I drive all my cars into the ground and typically when I get into the territory of expensive repairs (and I'm talking 00 dollar repairs here) the wheels are about ready to fall off the car, so I don't feel bad about selling the car or having it scrapped altogether.I trust this dealer because a friend has been satisfied with their service on her Corolla for 15 years, but I need my Prius back and running, and the dealer isnt making any progress. I have a document of the crankshaft position sensor recall repair, but from reading internet posts, I think it has missed out on a number of recalls, such as the steering box item.They dont know, or wont say, if the HV battery was drained during their work. Here is data from a live laptop printout of the HV battery that the mechanic did for me April 19th. It may say 2003 because thats the latest ECM-reading program for the 2001.

Though, actually, it's not the fact that the battery has to be replaced that's so shocking, but the actual price tag!He says if the charger doesnt work, they can get a new HV battery overnight. He says hes doing everything he can for me, but still has no theory on what happened to the HV battery.So far Prius enthusiasts have expressed opinions on both sides - that the dealer really doesnt know how the HV battery died and I should be glad theyre treating me so well, or that they goofed and wont admit it and I should keep investigating. Im not accusing anyone, I just want to involve and inform as many enthusiasts as possible so I wont feel so alone without my Prius.I want to be driving my Prius when Im making loan payments and buying an extended warranty this month. Some values were cleared when disconnecting and connecting the 12V battery.The Carmax 30-day warranty runs out soon, but Toyota seems to be struggling with its responsibility to fix the hybrid system. The charge indicator on the Energy touch screen showed maybe charge. He said the ICE will start once the HV battery is charged, because he has charged several others.

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