Top 10 canadian dating sites

Christian : I figured I’d try this site as it identifies with my roots.

I’m not a super religious guy but general moral background shared is always nice.

I don’t know about most but 50km is kind of ideal to forming any sort of real connection as you kind of have to meet.

: First off, I’d like to say that this site is stupid expensive so your expectations are pretty high.

Elite : I was invited free onto this site forever ago because I was on a modelling site.

Truth be told, I was interested in acting and wanted to get some pictures done.

As a guy with a marketing background I recognized for better visibility premium accounts is best and site diversification is even better. Picky,” jokingly in an initial statement you might be right lol.

I was matched with exactly what I said I didn’t want on there and friends experienced similar.I’ll individually make some comments about each and my thoughts on them to help you with it.I’ve never struggled to find a date but meeting the right kind of person can be a struggle.You’re locked into 3 months at an exorbitant rate without getting to even see if you actually like the site and while they have free days those are few in between.They have by far the worst filtering of almost any sites out there.

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