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The SIUE School of Nursing WE CARE Clinic staff adopted 56 children, ages 18-months to 5-years, at the SIUE Discovery Center Head Start/Early Head Start on Tuesday, Dec. Staff members Megan De Groot, Kate Simons, Jerri Parker and Ellen Levey along with providers Dr. Kim White, PHCNS-BC dressed as elves, while Marcus Minnis (SIUE public health BS, 2017) grayed his beard to play Santa.

Each child had a chance to meet Santa and receive a gift of mittens,...

&..., that sheds light on the intellectual and cultural history of Edwardsville and its early citizens. Abbott, the founding director of SIUE’s Lovejoy Library, loved local history.

As an academic librarian and a transplanted resident of Edwardsville in the early 1960s, Abbott became fascinated when he learned from a printed bro...

I have enough things to worry about on these trips.

I’m not comfortable sharing a bed with a coworker, and I’m sure others aren’t either.

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As for the room-sharing, separate from the bed-sharing …

It is indeed true that there are some industries where sharing hotel is the norm, like academia and some nonprofits, but frankly I think there are times when it’s reasonable to push back on that as well.

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