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It's not just me going to these restaurants, I'm with my crew.

Perhaps it's a matter of a great choice of condiment or the contrast between the bread and that which is in it.

A: I read a book called "The Renaissance Soul: Life Design for People With Too Many Passions to Pick Just One" by Margaret Lobenstine, and, essentially, through reading that book I realized that what I was meant to do lay at the crossroads of food and some kind of entertainment.

It was really just reading that book and figuring out the things that I had proclivities for in terms of food knowledge, being able to cook and being able to view a narrative like a performer.

I get offered a little bite of this and a little piece of that quite often, but I won't do it until I am on camera, so there is a degree of authenticity that is preserved because I want my reaction to be authentic.

You have to remember, if you eat it in an unappetizing way, you could turn the most delicious thing in the world into junk.

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